Privacy vanished in invasive forms
Self-validation seared in abstract essays
Behaviors scrutinized in grandiose interviews
They said, "No, please try again."

Persistence knocked the door
Optimism faltered behind
Hunger growled in the air
Curtains drawn once more
They said, "No, please try again."

Exile in strange lands
Refuge among stranger folks
Reflections through a foggy mirror
Diversions of a confused soul

Precious money
Priceless time
Resurrection of the unprecedented kind
Pray that three is the charm
They said, "No, please try again."

Anger buds from utter disgust
Numbness coagulates with unrelenting shame
Identity locked and cast into the cold sea
Self-doubt seeps slowly like poisoned blood

Anguished soul
Haunting voices

Fractured dreams
Muffled screams

"No, please try again."

JLee 7/27/2001


Self explanatory. A feeling that is quite universal for all of us. Based on some personal events that plagued my mind for many years and one night I had this incredible urge to write a poem about it.