Exhibit B - Caught on Camera

Jack Lee © 2002

Ugh, STUPID! How DARE you give this address book away for a gift exchange?

Alan discovering that the"worthless" book I wanted to get rid of at a Christmas party gift exchange is actually an expensive Griffin-Sabine artsy address book he would want in his Gucci purse.


I hate couples with beautiful Christmas trees!
I'm gonna KNOCK IT OVER!

Alan at Edna & Rob's House


Ugh, not another piece of crap!
What am I gonna do with this juicer?
Sit on it and spin around?

Alan and what he received at gift exchange party


When I can't find weeds in the meadows
as a naturopath student, I binge on trash!

Sanjay caught with junk food at
Mt Seymour prior to snow shoeing.


Oh my god, it's Dolly the Fox Terrier!

Patty and one of our cloned puppies


Ohmm, what do I do with all this cream?

Allan and his creations in the kitchen